Whether we meet in a one-on-one session or a group class, my teaching is informed by my belief that every Yoga and meditation practice begins right where we are. Where we are, upon showing up on the mat, or the mediation cushion, is exactly where we are meant to be. We are enough as we are. Our Yoga practice allows us to acknowledge and commune with our challenges--which may include tight hamstrings, depression, or a restless mind--and triumphs, like standing on our head for the first time, or improving our concentration, with equanimity and fortitude.


In each of our sessions, we will focus on the breath. The breath is the only bodily function that can be experienced as both involuntary and voluntary. Since the anatomy of the breathing mechanism is closely linked with our nervous system, when we consciously enjoy a deep, spontaneous breath, we heal our minds and bodies.


Each body has its idiosyncratic needs and habits. Learning to listen to the messages that our bodies communicate with us is an essential part of a Yoga practice. Our bodies possess an innate wisdom that tells of our relationship to ourselves and the world. As we listen to our bodies' messages, we may discover that chronic physical pains and acute discomforts are allies on our spiritual paths--not only can they teach us to use our bodies more efficiently but provide a portal into our inner, vital body.